Ben Affleck IQ

The famous actor and filmmaker Ben Affleck or Benjamin Geza Affleck Boldt was introduced to Hollywood with his movie, Good Will Hunting. After this, he has come a long way and gradually became the highest-paid actor in the entertainment industry. But behind this low-profile celebrity, lies a smart personality and has most attributes of a bonafide prodigy.

This led to a commonly asked question: Is Ben Affleck’s IQ high or low? Let’s learn more about his intelligence and cognitive abilities.

Ben Affleck’s reported IQ score is 154, giving him possession of an above-average brain. According to statistics, he belongs to the 0.1% of the global population who are considered geniuses, hence, it is safe to assume that he was born smarter and wiser than his counterparts. The best part is that he excels in both cognitive capability and emotional intelligence.

Affleck had always been an academically brilliant student. At an early age, he scored a high score on the SAT and got accepted into the University of Virginia, but soon left it for the University of Vermont following a girl. Later, he started acting and was cast in The Voyage of the Mimi, a PBS miniseries, which shows the crew of the Mimi exploring the ocean to undertake a science program.

Beyond acting, Affleck also founded a production company LivePlanet, and directed the movie, Gone Baby Gone. Overall, he has been remarkable in what he does, which is why he has been showered with critics praise and awards like Academy Awards and Blockbuster Entertainment Awards.

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