Ashton Kutcher IQ

The American actor, producer, and entrepreneur Christopher Ashton Kutcher needs no introduction for his acting roles and humanitarian work. It’s kind of ironic that most characters Kutcher played in comedy shows do not justify his intelligence. Contrary to that, he has an incredibly curious and brilliant mind, and most of his fans like him for his quick and witty responses.

Want to know more about Ashton Kutcher’s IQ score and his smart personality? Keep reading.

Ashton Kutcher’s estimated IQ score is around 160, falling in the above-average, gifted intelligence category. He was not originally set to do acting, rather he enrolled at the University of Iowa for a major in Biochemical Engineering. However, he didn’t complete his degree but began his acting career and started a successful technology company.

Yes, let’s address the elephant in the room; Ashton has played some pretty stupid characters over the years, but he has little in common with these roles. The truth is that he was accepted into both MIT and Purdue University to study engineering and even got a scholarship during high school. Also, his off-screen persona is definitely a dynamic and versatile person, and everyone seems to be enjoying his company in public interviews.

In conclusion, Hollywood star Ashton Kutcher has an IQ score of 160, meaning that he falls into the gifted category. He has put his brains to good use in IT start-ups like Spotify and AirBnB. His choice of roles has also been smart and got him massive popularity.

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