Border Collie IQ | The Most Intelligent Scottish Dog Breed

Dogs have been companions of humans for thousands of years, but very few dog breeds are considered highly intelligent. Border Collie is one of these breeds, known for its high intelligence and exceptional skills, which make these breed dogs more adaptive and cooperative. Border Collie lovers claim that their IQ lies between 135 and 150, while others consider Border Collies more intelligent than these numbers; let’s analyze their IQ and see in which category they fall.

Scottish Dog Breed IQ

The majority of people believe that we can measure the intelligence of animals using methods and measures made by humans. We use IQ tests to measure the speed and data processing efficiency of the human mind and then determine the intelligence of a person, which is not 100% accurate. However, these tests help us get a rough idea about a person’s intelligence.

When it comes to animals, we cannot use the same measures or methods to estimate their IQ. IQ is a human-made term that indicates the efficiency of cognitive abilities.

If we apply similar methods to the animals, we will find that some are scoring higher than us while others are scoring zero. Therefore, we cannot measure the IQ of animals.

However, we can use multiple approaches to estimate their cognitive abilities. For example, we can analyze their problem-solving skills and their ability to react and choose behaviour.

Border Collie is considered a highly intelligent breed, but there is no authentic report claiming that it has an IQ between 135 and 150. So, we cannot trust unknown and unreliable sources; however, we can label Border Collies as a highly intelligent breed based on their ability to understand human language, high rate of obeying commands and high adaptive intelligence.

Final Thoughts

We cannot measure the intelligence of an animal by following our mental patterns because humans and animals have different mental patterns, such as the Border Collie breed. However, scientists label it as a highly intelligent dog breed that can accomplish a series of multiple tasks and perform a variety of behaviours. I hope this information will help you in the future; thank you.

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