Kat Williams IQ Score

Kate Williams’s quick wit and smartness are a matter of great appreciation amongst comedy lovers. He has shown great communication skills and exceptional bargaining power. In addition to that, he has a very strong academic record.

The greatest proof of his intelligence and smartness is that he has been fending for himself and living on his own since he was only thirteen years old. He got himself emancipated from his parents after continual physical and verbal abuse. For further details, keep on reading down below.

Kat Williams IQ Score

A few years back Kat Williams himself revealed his IQ score to be 163 in a Vlad interview. This IQ score puts him amongst the most genius individuals on Earth. He has always shown signs of extreme intelligence since childhood.

In fact, when he was only three years old, he was already a fluent reader. In addition to that, he has also been associated with Mensa from the tender age of just ten years old.

Due to his smartness and exceptional academic record, Kat Williams landed a full hundred percent scholarship to The National Science Academy in Dayton, Ohio. However, when he came to realize that the University was not serving his higher motive, he deliberately failed a test and dropped out.

So, it is safe to say that Kat Williams is indeed a highly intelligent individual whose intelligence and smartness borders on genius. He has shown an excellent academic record from the initial years and has always been prioritized by his teachers.

He even landed a full scholarship to the National Science Academy in Dayton, Ohio. Later on, he built himself a career as a comedian.

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